The present general conditions of sale govern the business relationship that has arisen between Ondacer and the user to purchase any of the products offered on Ondacer, hereinafter CUSTOMER.


Prices that are listed in each article DO NOT INCLUDE VAT . Prices may be varied without notice.



The maximum period of delivery, once received the order of our suppliers, will be 4/5 working days for Spain and Andorra, 7/8 working days Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Bulgaria, Latvia, Sweden, Ireland and Denmark,  8/10 working days Poland, Hungary and Slovenia.

The portes are presented to the customer to update your order and you will be included in the total amount of the order.

Your order will be delivered in the home designated by the client, so that Ondacer assumes no responsibility when the delivery cannot be made as a result of the data provided by the customer are incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete. Therefore, the customer must make sure to place the order with the correct delivery address. YOU MUST INFORM US OF THE PHONE NUMBER OF THE PERSON WHO IS GOING TO RECEIVE THE GOODS.

All deliveries are at home. Palletized goods will be delivered ON THE STREET, provided that delivery truck acces is warranted.If the delivery of the order the customer is not at the delivery address, the agency will provide you with a notice to contact the delivery service. In this case the additional costs are borne by the customer. The goods are at all times covered by insurance against risks of transport, bewilderment and handling during transportation.

Once the order has been placed in the hands of the agency of transportation, you are notified to the customer via email so you can be attentive to your reception. In addition, it provides you with the number of dispatch and the agency with which he has sent the order to which the customer can see the shipment tracking on the internet and can be informed at all times the status of your order.

Shipment of less than 5 boxes will be shipped under the responsibility of the Will not be responsibble for any incidents that arise during their transportation. Any order of less than 5 boxes will be refund deducing a 15€ administration fee to its amount, unless it is accompanied by materials or it is a completion of works whose material has been supplied by Ondacer.

When receiving the goods it is mandatory that the customer checks that everything is correct with his/her order and in perfect condition.

If you do not agree with the products delivered, sign and indicate to hand on the delivery note the anomalies that found when it is received. In the event of any incident, we only have 24 hours from the date of receipt of the goods, to claim to the transportation company. Once this period has passed, the buyer shall be responsible for all expenses that can be cause. For any incident please contact us via e-mail to

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