We make available to the customer three methods of payment:



When you select the bank transfer as a mean of payment, you will receive with your order confirmation, an email where you will be informed of the account number for making the bank transfer in favor of Ondacer.

It is very important to indicate the order number, as well as your name and surname. The order will not be made until our department of administration does not have confirmation of the bank transfer.


Only accepted with safe card. The payment is made by card via Virtual POS terminal that meets the standards of secure electronic commerce taken by VISA and MASTERCARD.

This new credit card payment system, guarantees the title of the buyer and the secure sale by Internet. The operation of the safe trade consists of three steps:

Firstly, the customer has to enter the number and the expiration of his/her card.

Then, the card issuer verifies the ownership of the customer, either through an automatic call to the mobile, at the request of the secret number or by any other secure method that the issuing institution chooses.

Only if the client is positively identified, the secure purchase transaction is proceeded. This avoids undesirable situations of fraud by theft or loss of card.

c)     PAYPAL.

Paypal allows consumers who have access to e-mail send payments on the Internet safely, conveniently and cost effectively. The Paypal network builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a comprehensive solution to real-time payment. Paypal offers a service specially designed for those who do not meet the traditional payment mechanisms. This payment option implies an additional of 4,50% of the total amount of the purchase.

For more information, you can visit the Paypal web http port/

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