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  • Glass tiles for kitchens

    Kitchen space has shown various trends in decoration. Especially in the kind of materials used to cover your walls: from natural stone though porcelain stoneware, to glass.+ info

    08/04/2022 Home, News 1396
  • Tiles for modern kitchen

    One of the most commonly used elements in modern kitchens earthenware for the cladding of its walls. This option is widely used due to the wide variety of styles it allows, its easy cleaning and its resistance.+ info

    04/03/2022 Home, News 1265
  • Discover the most requested wood imitation

    Wood floors are a still a current trend. Apart the naturalness they bring to our environment, they also give a touch of distinction to every room. However...+ info

    12/02/2022 Home, News 1345
  • The latest ceramic tiles imitation marble

    In this blog, we will tell you about ceramic tiles imitation marble that are trendy on these last times. First of all, marble-effect ceramic tiles will never be outdated and brig elegance and sophistication to...+ info

    17/06/2021 Home, News 2654
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