Porcelain tiles, resistant, lasting and practical

Porcelain tiles, resistant, lasting and practical

Although we know that stoneware is a very resistant material and can be used both outdoors and indoors, resistance to abrasion and inclement weather is necessary. In these conditions, porcelain tiles, that are more resistant and prevent water absorption more efficiently, can be used.

Theirs characteristics make them very practical for highly-frequented places such as shopping centers or other shops. Porcelain clay resistance makes it able to withstand the continuous passage of people and vehicles for a long time. In addition, it low water absorption coefficient, which is eve lower than the one presented by stoneware, makes it ideal for exterior.

Porcelain characteristics make it an ideal material to be used outdoors

This material, although it is ideal for highly-frequented places, is not reserved only for them. It can also be used at home, where it can be placed in the living room, the kitchen or the bathroom. Porcelain tile has also a wide variety of designs, so the decoration made with these pieces can be as original and practical as the one made with stoneware.

Porcelain tile can imitate wood as well as any other natural material, so it is an excellent decorative element that can be interesting to create a different and personal ambiance.

Porcelaine tiles are much bigger than stoneware ones, due to the way it is manufactured. Because of their size, its laying is slightly more complex, therefore it will be important to look for a good professional who will perfectly know this material so that there should be no kind of problems.

Of course, finish is so perfect as stoneware tiles one, but with a best performance and resistance that will allow to enjoy it for longer. In the Ondacer Catalogue, there is a wide range of porcelain tile models. You can choose the one that fits better to your personal tastes between them. Come and visit us, we are waiting for you!

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