Entradas para 2021

  • The latest ceramic tiles imitation marble

    The latest ceramic tiles imitation marble

    In this blog, we will tell you about ceramic tiles imitation marble that are trendy on these last times. First of all, marble-effect ceramic tiles will never be outdated and brig elegance and...+ info

    17/06/2021 Home, News 3956
  • Floor tiles for terraces and outdoors

    Floor tiles for terraces and outdoors

    The good weather is coming coon, so it’s time to get ready. In this blog we will suggest some outdoor floor tiles for your terraces and garden.Our garden is a unique place that gives you peace...+ info

    24/05/2021 Home, News 2954
  • Hexagonal tiles trends

    Hexagonal tiles trends

    Fashions change and at Ondacer, we always have the latest novelties for you. On this occasion, we will tell you about the new trends in hexagonal tiles.+ info

    22/04/2021 Home, News 3071
  • Mosaic trendings 2021

    Mosaic trendings 2021

    We are coming back once more with trending. In this blog, we are going to speak about last trending in mosaics for this 2021.+ info

    30/03/2021 Home, News 2254
  • Mosaicos para cocina

    Mosaicos para cocina

    New trends in mosaic are a reality, and costumers are increasingly asking for this kind of covering.+ info

    24/03/2021 Home, News 2115
  • Some ideas to decorate your bathroom

    Some ideas to decorate your bathroom

    The bathroom is much more than just a place to take a quick shower every morning. It is the place where you shave before going to work, where you put on your makeup before going out, a place to...+ info

    18/03/2021 Home, News 1962
  • Design for kitchens

    Design for kitchens

    Kitchen is indeed one of the most important rooms of your home. The importance of kitchen has increased over the years. Nowadays, the kitchen is a place for family meeting, where to reunite your...+ info

    16/02/2021 Home, News 4633
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