Entradas para Septiembre, 2018

  • Porcelain floor tiles imitation wood

    Porcelain floor tiles imitation wood

    This product combines the comfort and the touch of the wood with the characteristics of the best ceramic tile and its different sizes from which you can make your choice.+ info

    26/09/2018 Home, News 5697
  • Tiles for white kitchen

    Tiles for white kitchen

    At Ondacer, we are up to date with kitchen design whose growing trend is white kitchen, where straight lines and very light colors predominate, and where white takes over with strength.+ info

    14/09/2018 Home, News 6434
  • Terracotta floor tiles

    Terracotta floor tiles

    The fashionable colour for interiors, the terracotta, began to become a trend on 2017 and became protagonist of design in interiors.+ info

    04/09/2018 Home, News 3908
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