Porcelain floor tiles imitation wood

Porcelain floor tiles imitation wood

When we are thinking about renovation our spaces, one of the most important decisions is the choice of the kind of flooring we will lay. Its aesthetic is not the most important, but its characteristic such as durability, finish, maintenance etc. Besides, when we are looking for options for rooms such as kitchen or bathroom, these qualities are even more important.


In this blog, we will talk about the different kinds of porcelain stoneware floor tiles that imitate wood. This product combines the comfort and the touch of the wood with the characteristics of the best ceramic tile and its different sizes from which you can make your choice.


A porcelain stoneware tile imitating wood is one of the best options for decorating your floors, and offers you an endless number of combinations, easy maintenance and great durability.


Here below, we are presenting different styles of porcelain floors imitating wood that you can find on our website ondacer.com





The Orsa series is a smooth and comfortable porcelain floor tile that brings a pleasant feeling of freshness to you spaces. If you are looking for a Nordic style, the Orsa series is perfect for you.

wood imitation porcelain floor





The Norland Beige creates sensations that bring us closer to nature and generate experiences. Its originality will not leave you indifferent.


wood imitation stoneware 




The Yugo model has got the vintage touch you were looking for. Its reddish tones will make your spaces comfortable and elegant.


wood floor stoneware




The Arizona series is an elegant porcelain tile imitation wood that always looks clean and combines with light as well as dark tones.

wood tile




Let nature invade your home with Bosco-SK porcelain tile.

tile like wood


At ondacer.com you can find many others porcelain tiles imitating wood.


Feel free to contact us for any need of advice.


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