Interior design for commercial stores

Interior design for commercial stores

Are you thinking about a new business? Maybe you need to renovate your actual store and give it modern touch? By this post, we will give you some ideas using different kinds of wall tiles, and give you an idea about how your store can look.

Commercial stores interior design is the cheapest and the most effective weapon you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and connect with your prospective customers with.

The Transverse series offers a touch of modernity because of its shapes and freshness. Depending on furniture and other decorative elements, it can make the style changes drastically.


If, besides, you want to give it and interesting look, at, we are purposing you the White Pad wall tile, with its relief and glossy white, for fresh and current rooms.


The Foglio D’argento Wall tile is clearly one of the most elegant one, and offers a great deal of possibilities depending on the elements you are matching it with: A fresh, modern and elegant room where to show your products.


Here you have the new Stipes Mix Bamboo Wall tile. At Ondacer, we love it! This series offers different shades to be chosen depending on the style you are looking for. We love this warm atmosphere, don’t you?


Mixing together very different ceramic floor tiles, you will obtain this final result. Isn’t it original? Provenzal series makes your rooms shine because of their originality and elegance.


Mosaic Cosmic, for your most special and elegant settlements: Combine it with wall tiles in order to create a unique space full of contrasts.


Finally, enjoy the discret and elegant Zoe series and design a very fashionable shop, where your customers will feel surrounded of magic.


Come and see in our website, our great range of ceramic wall and floor tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaics, natural products and equipment, for your bathroom or your kitchen.

Feel free to contact us for any need of advice for your commercial business optimization.

Because our work makes easier yours.

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