How to decorate spas and wellness centers

How to decorate spas and wellness centers

Interior design is one of the basic essentials in a spa or a wellness center, a temple where the attention to human body is essential, where the client need to feel relaxed and comfortable to reach a complete peace.

It is the reason why each room in the spa or a wellness center needs that special lighting, textures, and different elements to convey a dream to the patient.

At, we are purposing different ceramic wall tiles designs to reach these sensations with. 

The mosaic Hexagons will bring the patient to the highest comfort sensation, due to its shiny golden tones that create a unique and elegant room.

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The mosaic Secrets makes unique the interior design of a wellness center and gives it the peaceful atmosphere we are looking for. Its blue shades recall the sea calm and make the client feel relaxed in a modern and fashionable settlement.

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The combination of the mosaic Duende Copper with neutral tones will offer a relaxing and cozy atmosphere where the client can feel an endless peace of mind.

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If you want to give a touch of exclusivity to a room, we purpose you the Aura Onix Glass tiles series, where users will feel themselves very special in this characteristic and exclusive atmosphere.

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At, you will find a great range of tiles for spa and wellness centers projects, as well as our advice for all kinds of projects.

Visit our website and contact us. We will help to solve any doubt that could arise.

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