One of the main elements to consider in the bathroom is the lighting. It is a room where is important to have plenty of light, because it is a place where we groom ourselves and get ready to go out. The right lighting will make it easier when saving or making-up and it will make us to be more relaxed and enjoy the shower or bath.

The light on top allows a good general lighting, but is always recommended to have a light in the mirror to avoid unwanted glare and shadows. Light incident from above can be uncomfortable when being in front of the mirror, because they can produce those shadows that annoy and hinder proper lighting.

Light in mirrors must be neutral for avoiding tones to change and for the reflected image to be as faithful as possible without changes in the skin tone or shadows that hinder vision. In addition, it must be positioned so as not to cause glare and distribute evenly. It can be independent to the overhead light and turned on just when is really necessary.

To help to create a light bright feel, the ideal is to have clear tiles.The preferred one is the white color, so it could be combined with a border of any other color. You can opt for bright colors in this border to increase the feeling of lightness. Anyway, with a base light color, the color of the border can be any. You can also use a piece of another tone or color just to give more life to the bathroom and make it more pleasing to the eye.

Anyway, remember that one of the main allies of proper lighting is natural light, so you must always keep in mind to take the opportunity to open the curtains and the windows and let the sunshine enter in the stay.

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