White, brown, blue, green colours: Colour in your home, joy and diversity

White, brown, blue, green colours: Colour in your home, joy and diversity

Imagine a sober, elegant and luxurious decoration…  You are probably thinking in a dim and simple kind of decoration, with static formats that give to the room this kind of atmosphere you are looking for. But why?

Of course, it is an option, and you can get it like that, but you have got other options to achieve it. Elegance, luxury, style and design are not in contradiction with colours, either with the most catching, vibrating or the brightest ones.

The decoration that evokes luxury and elegance may not necessarily be boring and dark

There are many ways to achieve an elegant and luxurious setting that recalls luxury not only thinking of this kind of decorative elements. Some tile formats can give to the room this relaxing atmosphere as elegant as using marble or any other material that is normally used for that purpose.

Using different formats and designs, these tiles shape drawings on the floor, decorative borders frame other designs, bright colours marry other duller ones, creating a nice contrast in order to give to the room a different and evocative look.

You will find in Ondacer catalogue the designs that will allow you to create very attractive combinations and make a difference in your home decoration. Each room can get a different look, a different colour and way to be lived without scarifying colour and joy, to save the luxurious and elegant aspect you are looking for each of them.

Highlighting, fascinating and attractive colours… All at your disposal in a catalogue that is noteworthy because of its originality and style.

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