Discover the most requested wood imitation

Discover the most requested wood imitation

Discover the most requested wood imitation

Wood floors are a still a current trend. Apart the naturalness they bring to our environment, they also give a touch of distinction to every room. However, in the search for easy maintenance and greater resistance, wood imitation porcelain tiles appeared.

Floors covered with porcelain stoneware with a wood-like finish are an excellent option to decorate your home, office or commercial both because of their beauty, their strength or their wide range of designs.

Advantages of the porcelain stoneware imitation wood

The benefits of the porcelain floor tile that imitate wood many. These include:.

        They combine the best of both wood and ceramics. These floors contain all the charm and distinction of the wood, but are functional as only porcelain stoneware can be.

        They have a wide range of different designs, and they can simulate wood texture, pickling, and old wood, in the lightest and darkest colours.

        They allow different ways for placing them, as geometric shades in vintage style or as parquet for example.

        It is highly resistant to climatic elements, to traffic, acids and abrasion. This is why we can place them both indoors and outdoors.

        They are easy to clean. Maintenance and cleaning of stoneware floor tiles imitation wood is a simple task.


Wood imitation porcelain tiles has many models, sizes, shades, finishes and designs. That’s why, whatever style you choose, there always will be a special sandstone for that space you want to build, transform, enlarge or make more comfortable.



EFESO porcelain tile is mat and frost resistant. It is a rectified tile, which means that the tiles are impeccably flat with perfectly straight edges and angles.

It comes in white colour, which makes it ideal for minimalist styles and includes in its series other decorated models whose pastel colours give a cheerful, as well as a comfortable and neutral look.


 Gres porcelánico imitación madera

The surface of this porcelain stoneware imitation parquet is matt and non-slip. It is a rectified and bevelled product, what means that its edges are perfect and bevelled, giving it a great beauty.

BOSCO TOD it comes in different options, simulating the veins and colour of walnut (nogal), of beech (haya) or oak (roble). Ideal for classic et sober styles..

Model YUGO

 suelo gres porcelánico

YUGOporcelain floor tile has a matt, frost-resistant surface and rectified edge that perfectly match each other.

Visually, it is a pickled wood, with reminiscent colour of nature: volcano (volcan), sea (mar), sly (cielo) and yellow granite (albero).  It bring simplicity, bright colours and rusticity. They are perfect for rustic or vintage with a touch of chic.

Model ARHUS-1

 Suelo porcelánico imitación madera

ARHUS-1 is also one of the most requested wood imitation porcelain tile. Its finish is matt. It is a rectified tile, so its edges are perfectly straight cut. 

It is available in two colours: white or black. The veins in the wood look real. It is a tile that combines very well with Nordic or minimalist styles, excellent for use in apartments or offices, to get a modern atmosphere.


suelo porcelánico

TECH RAIL is an extruded porcelain stoneware. The complexity of its manufacturing process gives it hardness and resistance. It is frost resistant and has a semi-gloss finish (satin).

Its colours are similar to that of mahogany. Characteristic veins and dark areas of this wood appear. Ses couleurs ressemblent à celle de l’acajou. It is a very natural looking tile, specilly designed for rustic and verry classic spaces.

 As you can see, it doesn’t matter what style you want for your home, office or store. The wood imitation porcelain tiles have a model for every trend or interior design.

In addition, porcelain floor tiles that imitate wood brings you the opportunity to combine with leather furniture, marble or metal tables, and you can even combine them with  walls tiled with porcelain stoneware imitation marble. Its possibilities are endless.

And atOndacer we can advise you on the best options for your spaces.

We are a company specialized in wall and floors ceramic coverings, with almost 70 years of experience.

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