Designs for modern bathrooms

Designs for modern bathrooms

When you are planning to refurbish our bathroom, lots of questions come to mind: What is trending? Which colours to use? What material to use for walls and floors?

That’s why we’re going to introduce you in this blog to some of the new features we have incorporated into the bathroom tile range of Ondacer Ceramic Shop Online, where you can choose the modern bathroom designs that best suit your style.


diseño de baños modernos


The Bibury Dunster model is a combination of two tile styles: imitating cement tiles and plain ones. Their light shades perfectly match a minimalist style and clear colours furniture.


Available in different colours.


baños modernos azulejos


For those who are looking for a touch of sobriety for their bathroom, the Bloom Bath series is a rectangular tile whose shade is perfect for creating elegant and modern spaces.


azulejos para baños modernos


The Calacatta Hexagon model is one of the nicest models we included last month.

Marble imitation in hexagonal shape, it will give your spaces a relaxed, clean and fresh atmosphere.

By combining it with wood and a touch of black colour as in our picture, it will leave nobody indifferent.


azulejos baños modernos


If you are looking for simplicity but with a touch of originality, the Canale model is a white wall tile. Its stripped design will give you the possibility to create an infinite number of combinations. You will obtain a white, clean and also original space.


Different colours are available at our website


comprar azulejos para baños modernos


The Chevron Wow Bath is a very original tile. Its shape opens up a world of possibilities depending on their position or colour.


It is a model that, by combining it with a light-coloured floor tile, will help you to create neutral and welcoming spaces.


If you are working on a project and need some advice, please, feel free to contact us.


At Ondacer, our rate price-quality in ceramic wall and floor tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic and natural products, is always the best one.

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